Best Escort Profile Writing Tips


  1. When writing your personal Escort profile, you need to include explanatory words that describe your escorting services, fees, and location.

  2. Even though Escorts Australia AU has these facilities, if you duplicate them, the client sees your Escorting Services twice, and that is a double exposure.

  3. Use Keywords
    1. Use a keyword research tool such as Google Trends when developing/editing your escort profile. Eg before you click, which of these phrases do you guess has the highest search volumes: hot escort, sexy escort, beautiful escort, male escort, female escort ?

    2. Before uploading your escort photos, rename your photo files with names using keywords. the Google Trends keyword tool to find the best keywords for your escort profile and escort photo file names. You can enter up to 5 words/phrases separated by commas in the Trends text box.

    3. Google’s image search is popular. For your handsome/beautiful escort photo to be found on Google image search, it is best to rename your photo files with keywords. For example “sexy-escort-perth.jpg” or “kings-cross-sexy-escort.jpg” are better than for example,  img-123456.jpg

    4. Think about your features, (eg: sexy, hot, fit, fun, friendly) and place, eg Kings Cross when setting up your Australian Escort profile with is recognised by Google search engines and attracts clients to the Escorts Australia AU website and to your personal profile.

  4. While on the subject of escort photos, a minimum photo size should be 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. Smaller would make your photo blury. A maximum escort photo size would be 800px x 800px.

  5. The level of escorting services you provide is up to you. The keywords you use will reflect the level of the escorting services you provide.

  6. Explain these in your “About Me” – I am available for “Company Functions and one on one dinner dates” – “I enjoy camping weekends away”.

  7. Ask for links to your exact profile web address (URL) from other websites that you or your associates own. NB. While links from social sites are good for humans, their NOfollow links do NOT provide any link juice to your profile. eg:  If you’re really keen you could hire a link builder from for example to link to your profile URL. More link building advice.

  8. The following are some words that you should consider using – fun sexy, male, female, good, best, beautiful, lady, handsome, gentleman, gentlemen friendly, ladies, kind, loving, friend, loveable, nice, cute, Australia, attractive, Australian affordable companion, friendship, near, escorting, escorted, sex, massage, happy ending, hire short time, date dating swinging relationship, orgy, party, sexual, girlfriend, boyfriend, good looking, fit, healthy attractive, close to, nearby. relief massage.

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